3 Japanese Cars Not Officially Introduced in the UK: Nissan Z, Toyota GR Corolla, and Subaru WRX

3 Japanese Cars Not Officially Introduced in the UK: Nissan Z, Toyota GR Corolla, and Subaru WRX

3 Japanese cars not officially introduced in the UK

Canadian banknotes feature a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a municipality on the west coast called British Columbia. However, the cars that drive here are very different from those that drive on the roads of Great Britain.

Just like in America, pickup trucks and SUVs are popular as family cars. There are also many Japanese cars on the road that are not officially introduced in the UK. It’s left-hand drive though.

Yellow Nissan Z Sport, black Toyota GR Corolla Core, blue Subaru WRX, and the author’s Subaru BRZ

For example, Toyota GR Corolla. Since the GR Yaris is not sold in the Canadian market, this hot hatch fills the gap. The body of a practical 5-door hatchback incorporates the spirit of a homologation model.

The normal Corolla is also highly rated in Canada. It combines a 300ps 1.6L 3-cylinder turbo engine with a four-wheel drive system that allows you to select the torque distribution ratio. Based on this fact alone, it’s not hard to imagine that it would be an interesting car.

Thankfully, Subaru sells the Impreza WRX’s successor, the WRX (WRX S4), in Canada. A descendant of the 1990s rally rampage has survived by evolving into a modern family saloon.

There is a large air scoop on the hood, and underneath it is a horizontally opposed 4-cylinder turbo engine. It is also available in World Rally Blue paint, which evokes the bravery of rally drivers Colin McRae and Richard Burns.

In order to maximize the capabilities of the four-wheel drive system, a 6-speed manual transmission is also available on the Canadian version. For everyday usability, a chain-driven CVT is also available.

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“Z” responds to nostalgic feelings

Nissan’s iconic coupe is yet to be introduced in Great Britain. The latest version is simply called Z in Canada. It is not a model change to a new generation, but a greatly improved version of the previous generation, but the styling is unmistakable.

The 2997cc V6 twin-turbo engine comes from Infiniti, Nissan’s premium brand. The vehicle weighs 1590kg, which is not light, but the maximum output is 400ps.

Nissan Z Sport (Fairlady Z/Canada specification)

Toyota asked BMW for help in developing the new Supra. However, Nissan completed the process in-house. I don’t think it was a bad decision.

These three cars cannot be compared as direct competitors. Still, it is now considered a rare model that offers a thrilling driving experience. This time, let’s find out if it is a forbidden fruit that the British people would envy.

Thirty years have passed since Japan was in the midst of a bubble economy. The twin-turbo engine FD Mazda RX-7 and A80 Toyota Supra that were born at that time became special classic cars.

Nissan’s Z responds to that nostalgic feeling. It can be said to be a descendant of the Z32 type 300ZX, with its short deck silhouette and two-tiered taillights.

The first-generation S30 240Z sold for the same price as an affordable saloon and was a huge hit in the North American market. The target audience may be fans who admire that. The latest version is priced on par with the V8 engine Ford Mustang.

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