3 Grandfathers in Banyuwangi Raped a Mentally Retarded Girl to Pregnancy


Three grandfathers raped a mentally retarded girl in Muncar, Banyuwangi. This lecherous act was uncovered after the junior high school girl’s stomach enlarged due to her 5 month pregnancy.

Reported detikJatim, Thursday (9/3/2023), the three grandfathers namely Katimin (67), Wagiran (56), and Suyono (65). All three are neighbors of the victim.

This depraved action began in May 2022. The three of them took turns molesting the victim.

The perpetrator named Katimin admitted to having raped the victim up to 10 times. The sexual abuse took place at one of the perpetrators’ houses and in a hut in the middle of a rice field.

The actions of the three were uncovered when they suspected the victim’s stomach was getting bigger on Thursday (17/2/2023) at 17.00 WIB. “Then the witness answered ‘you are pregnant, try to open your clothes’, and when the clothes were lifted up, the victim’s stomach was large,” said the Muncar Police Chief Kompol Imron, Thursday (9/3/2023).

After being questioned, the victim admitted that the three perpetrators had raped her. The victim’s family reported the incident to the police.

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