3 fruits to accelerate the healing of dengue fever

TRIBUNNEWS.COMDengue hemorrhagic fever Dengue fever (DHF) is a ailment caused by the dengue virus that is transmitted to human beings through mosquito bites Temples of the Egyptians And Aedes Albocpictus.

People with DHF will generally experience a variety of signs or symptoms such as critical headache, agony behind the eyes, sudden significant fever, muscle mass and joint pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, rash, nosebleed, or bleeding gums.

Reported by promkes.kemkes.go.idSo significantly, no drug has been located to get rid of the dengue virus, and a vaccine to avert dengue is still staying examined.

Therefore, it is essential for DHF victims to have a balanced diet which include veggies, fruit and aspect dishes.

Quoted by Kompas.comThe following forms of fruit are recommended for intake by DHF sufferers:

Guava seeds


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Guava has a extremely high vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is needed by the body to bring about the formation of platelets or new platelets in the blood.

As is known, 1 of the symptoms of a particular person suffering from DHF is the lower in the platelet worth.

Meanwhile, contemplating the affected individual hemorrhagic fever it is advised to consume simply digestible food or consume, so guava fruit can be eaten in the form of juice.

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