3 Duel “Friends of enemies” in England against France

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Duel England versus France in the quarterfinals World Cup 2022 it will be colored by the battle of club teammates who will become enemies in Qatar.

The match between England and France can be considered definitive in the morning. That’s because both teams have performed impressively in their last four matches of this tournament.

In the round of 16, France secured their place in the quarter-finals by defeating Poland 3-1. Meanwhile, England didn’t lose well as they edged out Senegal 3-0.

Now the two teams will meet in the quarterfinals. The mentality and creativity of the star players will determine the final result in the big matches.

Nothere are at least six players who are teammates but have to fight as opponents in the England-France match.

These players have had to give up club friendships in order to put the country’s interests first. What is certain is that the duels between teammates will still be hot when they face each other on the pitch.

1. Harry Kane vs. Hugo Lloris

These two players are important figures in Tottenham Hotspur’s rise in recent years. Kane emerged as the club’s goalscoring machine, while Lloris was the last bastion in goal.

The battle between the two will be even more colorful because each has the status of captain of the national team. Furthermore, Kane also has the ambition to break into the French goal, defended by Lloris.

Even though England have many strikers, Kane’s name has been irreplaceable in the last four matches. Kane always appeared from the opening minutes even though he only scored one goal in the first 16.

Kane is likely to be demoted to regular even if he has the opportunity to be accompanied by a different wing. Thus, Kane has a great chance to collide with Lloris who is also a star player in the Les Bleus crossbar.

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