3 Brebes residents killed-4 injured Earthquake victims transported 1 ambulance, paid IDR 6 million


The repatriation process of the seven victims the Cianjur earthquake from Banjarsari village, Bantarkawung district, Brebes, Central Java, the local village chief regrets. In addition to being considered inappropriate due to crowds, there are fares that are considered expensive.

The head of the village of Banjarsari, Armas, said he was concerned about the repatriation process of its residents. According to him, the repatriation of 3 bodies and 4 wounded in a car was deemed inappropriate. Apart from this, the cost of an ambulance is expensive given the condition of the victim’s family, whose economy is mediocre.

“If you know you have to pay Rp. 6 million, it’s better to use a village car (ambulance). You can take a lot of people too, it’s free again,” Armas told the funeral home, reported detikJatengTuesday (11/22/2022).

The families of the victims, he said, were mostly from poor families. So it would be burdensome if you were required to pay Rp. 6 million for the rental of an ambulance.

“In the end, they paid together. However, it is burdensome, especially in an atmosphere of grief like this. All costs should be borne by the government,” Armas said.

It was previously reported, 7 Brebes students were killed by the earthquake in Cianjur, West Java. The seven students, 3 of whom died, were transported by ambulance and charged with Rp 6 million.

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