3 breathing exercises to relieve anxiety and stress

Breathing on ball

Place a pilates or fitball on the floor and lie on your back on it, extending your hands back and supporting the weight with your feet on the floor. Keep your balance, focus on breathing slowly and deeply for about 5 or 10 minutes and do it in silence, without any distraction.


The psychotherapist suggests a series of important points for work and relieve anxiety at home. The first is to practice mindfulness, which is to become fully aware of the things we do here and now. For example, in food, we can focus on enjoying every flavor and aroma; when sleeping, in the sensation of the sheets and the texture of the pajamas or, when bathing, in the temperature of the water and our skin. “Don’t think, feel,” says Gloria.

She also proposes to us to be full of positive thoughts and to set small short-term goals, such as exercising during the day, painting your nails, putting on a mask or something simple that allows you to spend time and fulfill it.

The last point that Gloria advises is, once a day, choose a place that you consider sacred and say what you are really feeling. If you are in family, say it together and respect each other’s emotions, without minimizing or wanting to “raise your spirits”. Listen and open your feelings at that time.

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