3 Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Tooth

KOMPAS.com – Wisdom teeth are teeth that appear when a person enters the age of more than 17 years.

Wisdom teeth themselves are third molars which can appear at the very back of the mouth.

Launching the NHS, wisdom teeth usually don’t have enough space in the molars because the teeth already fill the mouth when a person grows up.

Therefore, these last molars will usually push the other teeth next to them or will not grow properly and need to be extracted.

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Extracting wisdom teeth is not an easy thing because it will involve a surgical procedure.

Even so, wisdom teeth extracted will provide several benefits, such as the following.

1. Prevent infection

According to the American Dental Association or the ADA, not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted because some may grow perfectly so they won’t cause any problems.

Even so, wisdom teeth that are allowed to grow should still be checked regularly because the position of the teeth makes them difficult to clean.

Wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth so that toothbrushes and dental floss are hot enough to reach them.

As a result, wisdom teeth become a favorite place for germs and bacteria.

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