3 AFF Cup National Team Players 2010 at the Cilegon United FC RANS Circle

BOLASPORT.COM – Three players who have strengthened Indonesian National team AFF Cup 2010 is in circles RANS Cilegon FC.

RANS Cilegon FC grabbed the attention of national football lovers lately.

RANS Cilegon FC is a club owned by well-known artist Raffi Ahmad and businessman Rudy Salim.

RANS Cilegon FC also in the middle of building a team to compete in League 2 2021.

The club’s Instagram with the Phoenix bird symbol actively reports on the player selection process to strengthen the team.

Meanwhile, on RANS Cilegon FC there are already three players Indonesian National team who are in the circle of the club.

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First, Hamka Hamzah has been officially introduced by RANS Cilegon FC as a player manager.

He will be in charge of selecting players and educating players.

Editor : Metta Rahma Melati
Source : BolaSport.com,Instagram/@rans.cilegonfc.official


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