3.6 million covid award to health workers, excluding 118 doctors with agreements: it is protest

L’Aquila. It is due to a bureaucratic quibble that the 118 doctors with agreements, those who have been and are most in the area for the fight against coronavirus, have been excluded from the Healthcare award. A letter from 42 doctors was sent to the Region to ask for clarification on this paradoxical situation of great injustice.

At the meeting of 30 September between Asl and health workers, in which the Asl 1 Avezzano Sulmona L’Aquila has divided the remuneration that the Region has paid to the workers involved in the management of the covid19 epidemic during the first phase of the emergency, despite having included the emergency service 118 among the “departments” entitled to the award, excluded, for “technical-bureaucratic” reasons, the doctors classified as “affiliated” doctors who work in 118 and who represent almost all the doctors who cover the 118 service, reserving the prize to only doctors classified as “medical managers”.

For that quibble, the affiliated doctors, while carrying out the exact same work as their eligible colleagues, will not receive any compensation, despite the work done during the past months and despite continuing to rescue, visit home, treat and transport Covid-19 patients to hospital , putting their own health and that of their families at risk and in some cases, as unfortunately has happened, contracting the virus themselves and having been hospitalized.

The funds of 3 million and 600 thousand euros they were received by the ASL to recognize the sacrifice of all health sector operators engaged during the Covid epidemic19. Yet the extraordinary remuneration will also be paid to staff not directly involved in the fight against Covid, as can always be seen from the document of the meeting on 30 September.

The document specifies that the additional bonus to be divided among the staff will also be divided “for each day of actual presence a gross daily fee is attributed […] € 5.00 for staff not engaged continuously and b not occasionally engaged in hospital and territorial assistance, emergency and diagnostic activities in favor of covid19 patients “.

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Protest brought the doctors affiliated with the 118 service of the province of L’Aquila, all compact, to inform the Medical Association they belong to and the trade unions, and requested an urgent discussion with the Director of the ASL, for a clarification of this mortifying decision, which damages our professional dignity.

The ASL in excluding the 118 doctors with agreements, excludes the recognition of the work carried out by those who personally risk their health every day, in order to guarantee an essential and mandatory service for public health. Unless, on the other hand, it is thought that the coronavirus makes a distinction on the contractual position of healthcare personnel.

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