2nd round bad luck?

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Korea have never won the second leg in the 10 World Cups they have participated in.

So, I’m interested if I can break that bad luck in the match against Ghana.

As aggressive play management by Ghana, who lost their first game, is expected, a tactic to reverse it seems necessary.

Reporter Kyu-mook Kyu analyzed it.

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This is Ghana’s first goal against Portugal.

Kudus penetrated the back space quickly and led IU to score.

The comeback goal in the second half was also a goal that made the most of speed, starting with the flank defender’s overlap.

On the other hand, when the ball was blocked in midfield, the space behind opened up, revealing the weakness of conceding consecutive goals to João Felix and Leão.

If Ghana lose to us, they are expected to come out more aggressive as their elimination is confirmed.

[오토 아도/가나 대표팀 감독]

“There’s still a chance. I think the match against Korea will be a very difficult match. But we have to win. There’s pressure, but it’s the same for Korea.”

Therefore, it seems necessary to exploit Ghana’s urgency with well-organized organization and effective building tactics, which shone in the match against Uruguay.


“Just as we have been preparing for this game one game at a time, we would like to give hope that we can look forward to more than two games by preparing well, seriously and meticulously.”

Ghana started preparing for the second game by holding a closed training session with the training ground closed.

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Unfortunately, Korea has never won the second group stage of the World Cup with 4 draws and 6 losses.

It was the same at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, which created a semi-final legend.

It could be a coincidence or it could be bad luck, but if we don’t get past Ghana this time, it will be difficult to progress to the round of 16.

This is MBC News Gyu-mook Kyu from Doha.

Video coverage: Son Ji-yoon, Heo Won-cheol

Video Editing: Ahn Jun-hyeok

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