27 EU nations have vaccinated against COVID Began a broad spectrum injection, hoping to end the epidemic.

However, most EU member states have started vaccination for vulnerable people on Sunday morning, with Vanderlejen tweeting on Twitter, “Today we are going to turn the tide of a difficult year. COVID-19 vaccine It has been delivered to all EU countries and vaccinations will begin across the EU tomorrow. EU Vaccination Day is an impressive time of unity. Vaccination is a sustainable way to escape an outbreak. ”

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said trucks were now loaded with COVID-19 vaccines. The first series is on the road across Europe, across Germany and across member states. The next lot of vaccines Will follow on Monday “Vaccines are the key to overcoming this outbreak. It’s the key that will bring us back our lives. “

Hungary was the first country in the European Union to start vaccination. Doctors at the Del-Pest Central Hospital were the first to receive the vaccine on Saturday. In addition, it was reported that the city of Halberstadt. Northeast of germany Vaccination for the elderly in nursing homes has also begun on Saturday.


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