260,000 m2 of business property within five years

Where the 06 avril 2021 – Olivier REAL – Economy

Oral – Antoine Viallet presents his 4th panorama of corporate real estate on the TPM Mtropole

On the occasion of his 4th Panorama of commercial real estate in the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis, Antoine Viallet does five-year foresight around the operations launched and future projects, identifying a potential supply of more than 260,000 m2.

A market of the future in a metropolitan area of ​​the future. Antoine Viallet, proven professional in commercial real estate in Toulon and in the region (Viallet Consulting), does not bite and gives perspective his optimism in favor of his 4e Panorama of business real estate. A PIE which is the result of constant, daily monitoring and knowledge of the market.

Even though the Toulon metropolitan area is far from its neighbors and from the scores of cities of comparable size, it totals more than 70,000 m2 commercial real estate marketed in 2020, its best result for four years. Despite adversity, it does better than resist, for cyclical and structural reasons. It is cyclical because the projects launched for years have been delivered, meeting for 37% the needs of the public service. It is structural at the same time, because the expressed and unmet demand is so great that the smallest offer finds a taker , explains Antoine Viallet. The latter praised the dynamism of the metropolitan area, whose fifteen projects in the pipeline suggest more than 260,000 m2 within five years, all categories combined, offices, business premises, shops.

Diversified offer

Projects designed to bridge short, medium and long term delays, including major operations. Thus, this year, the gourmet halls (1,300 m2 of shops) and the data center (1,200 m2 office space), Valletta the medical center of the sea (8,500 m2), La Crau Le Patio (925 m2 of offices and 442 m2 of shops), La Seyne-sur-Mer, a mixed group of offices and CNIM business premises (2,000 m2).

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In 2022-2023, Toulon Montty is planned for the Lamer barracks (1,200 m2), the rectorate (3,500 m2 of offices), the school of health professions (10,000 m2 of training premises), as well as the renovation of the former La Poste Montebello building (2,600 m2).

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In the Sainte Musse district, a call for expressions of interest is launched by the Mtropole Toulon Provence Mditerrane for a medico-social / hotel / tertiary project over 20,000 m2, and AGPM extends its offices over 4,000 m2. On this east side of the metropolitan area, Valletta, the Semexval provides 1,600 m2 of offices as part of the Famille Passion operation. West side, Ollioules, the F3 and F5 buildings of the Seaty Campus should accommodate 8,500 m2 of offices, a Trade Winds Center should be created in the Playes, La Seyne area, while Prbois Six-Fours activities are expected over 25,000 30,000 m2 (crafts, industry, SMEs).

Finally, Antoine Viallet estimates deliverables to Toulon in 2024-2025 the 12,000 m2 of tertiary sector on the EDF / GDF site of Loubire, the 30,000 m2 of the Cour de Nice (for an administration), the 7,000 m2 the extension of Galeries Lafayette, and especially the flagship project De Mayol Pipady over 60,000 m2 a 40 hectare coastal site (offices, shops, housing, services, hotel).

In La Seyne, a call for expressions of interest is underway as well as a general reflection on the site of mechanical workshops, extended that of CNIM mechanical stairs. The potential is enormous, as are the 11 hectares and 60,000 m2 of floor space developed Hyres-Le Roubaud for a full service sector and a health / high technology technopole

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