26% of state comprising of Women or Non-Binary individuals highlighted in Activision Blizzard’s Inclusive Report

Activision Blizzard released the company’s first annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report. He sums up the results of 2022. In 2021, the company promised to reach 50% of women or non-binary people in its workforce within five years.

The report has a lot of interesting numbers:

  • 73% – men

  • 25% – women

  • 1% – unmarked persons

  • 1% – someone else

  • Most women work in the corporate division of the company – 48%

  • Least at Blizzard – 20%

  • The company annually hires 68% men, 29% women and 3% non-binary people or someone else

  • 61% of the workforce is white, 19% is Asian, 9% is Hispanic, 4% is African American, and the rest are various mixtures

  • Most Whites in Blizzard – 64%

  • The company is reducing its hiring of white employees and is focusing on other races.

Over the coming years, the company will need to seriously diversify its workforce in order to achieve the planned indicators.

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