26 billion dirhams of local stock market earnings

Youssef Al Bustanji (Abu Dhabi)

The value of cash flowing to the UAE stock markets increased during yesterday’s trading session, settling at AED 3.1 billion, spread between AED 2.62 billion in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and AED 480 million in the Dubai Financial Market, according to statistical data released by the two markets.
Yesterday the market value of listed companies in the two markets recorded new gains of AED 26 billion, bringing the overall market value to AED 3.263 trillion, of which AED 2.680 billion in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and AED 583 billion in the Dubai Financial Market, while foreign (non-Arab) investors pumped in about 110 million dirhams, net purchase of shares listed in the country’s two money markets.

Abu Dhabi market
The Abu Dhabi capital market continued to attract traders who pumped in around AED2.62 billion during yesterday’s trading session, of which AED1 billion were big deals that were executed on shares of Invictus, where they are 250 million shares of the company were acquired through 3 big deals at the price of 4 dirhams per share.
And 4 companies acquired more than half of the trading value in Abu Dhabi market, during yesterday’s session, which is the global holding company, with a trading value of 252 million dirhams, and its share closed at the level of 406.5 dirhams, followed by the Multiplay action, with a value of about 231 million dirhams, and its share price amounted to 5 dirhams Alpha Abu Dhabi Holding, with a value of 185 million dirhams, and closed at 26, 5 dirhams.
Data released by the Abu Dhabi market showed that foreign (non-Arab) investors pumped around 108 million dirhams of “net purchase” into the market’s listed shares during yesterday’s session.

Dubai market
The Dubai financial market strengthened its attractiveness for investors yesterday, as it witnessed transactions worth 477 million dirhams, with the implementation of 7,726 transactions spread across approximately 302 million shares.
Among the most active companies in terms of trading value, market data show that the trading value of the Emaar Properties share is approximately 103 million dirhams, followed by the negotiations of Dubai Islamic Bank with a value of 98.1 million of dirhams, then Ajman Bank, worth about 64 million dirhams, followed by trading Salik shares worth 29 million dirhams. As for foreign investment in the Dubai Financial Market, the value of non-Arab share purchases during yesterday’s session amounted to around 225 million dirhams, while the value of their sales amounted to around 233 million dirhams, bringing the total trade to around 2 million dirhams net purchase.

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