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250 Year Old Giant Tree Stands Tall Despite Logging, Protected in Pring Village

250 Year Old Giant Tree. PHOTO/ VNExpress

HANOIPohon I emas which is believed to be more than 250 years old still ‘standing tall’ despite some traces of logging,

As reported by VNExpress Wednesday (26/2/2023), the tree measuring more than 4 meters wide and 35 meters high is in Pring Village, Ngoc Tu.

It is under the management of the Dak To Forestry Company, with three logging marks visible on its trunk.

“Late last year, residents, authorities, the forestry company and representatives of six communities signed an agreement to protect the forest around the golden oak tree,” said village head A Nao.

This man has lived near the forest for decades, but according to him, he does not know when and how the impact of logging on these trees can occur.

Meanwhile, Director of Dak To Forestry Company, Nguyen Thanh Chung, said that several workers tried to cut down this old tree more than 30 years ago.

However, they had to stop the effort midway after realizing that it was too big to be carried out outside the forest

Apart from these old trees, there are the largest, oldest, tallest and most unique trees in Mexico. A unique tree known as the Tule Tree is a symbol for the residents of Santa Maria del Tule Mexico.

As reported by Oddity Central, a tree of the Montezuma Cypress species which is around 2,000 years old, is located near the church in Santa Maria del Tule.

The Tule tree is known to have the thickest tree trunk in the world, measuring 42 meters.

“Scientists believed that the Tule Tree grew from the fusion of two separate trees until DNA samples showed it was from only one tree,” the report explains.


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