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Since 1997, when I played GoldenEye 007 for the first time, in Nintendo 64 from my cousin, I realized that it was a different game. It managed to do many things in favor of games: it expanded the potential of FPS on consoles, brought an action adventure of exploration and espionage worthy of the 007 that carried in the name, and even offered a very addictive multiplayer, being an embryo of what would be the online gameplay we know today.

Time passed, and with it the 25 years of history of the game, which until then was “stuck” in the Nintendo 64. To play it, you had to have the original console, which is my case, until today, because I bought the console later and keep it installed in my rack. Or also play it on an emulator, between computers, consoles and mobile devices.

25 years later, GoldenEye 007 still rocks, now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

This was due to copyright issues. GoldenEye 007 was not the best product to be relaunched in the future, as it was branded James Bondyes MGMBesides the Rarethe game’s producer, Nintendo, who published the game, until then exclusive to their console. Turns out the 007 mark went to Activisionit’s at Rare would be bought by Microsoftwhich created a “salad” of issues to be resolved.

But luckily, everything worked out and finally the game was re-released. At the Xboxthe game is on Game Pass e no Rare Replaywhile not Nintendo Switchwho rightfully also received the game, it is available on Expansion Pack do Nintendo Switch Online.

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25 years later, GoldenEye 007 still rocks, now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

And, for those who want to know, yes. GoldenEye 007 it’s the same game that I loved playing in 1997. It’s, because of that, an excellent “video game history lesson”, as it features mechanics and formats that belong to its day. Instead of “rails” phases, open phases, with scattered and hidden objectives. Instead of normal difficulty modes, one where the harder it is, the more objectives are required. In times of poor controls, automatic aiming, with a complementary manual. And instead of battles in large squadrons, the lone fight of Bond, James Bond.

Something has been improved. The game received support for current screens, 4K and 60 FPS, which in itself already makes a lot of difference, especially for those who know the original version of Nintendo 64 and its unstable framerate, which despite reaching 30 FPS, actually had an average of 15 FPS during gameplay. That alone would make a big difference.

25 years later, GoldenEye 007 still rocks, now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

But the control was adapted too. Because, since then, the solitary (and problematic) analogue lever of the Nintendo 64 saw the industry work with two analog sticks, and two shoulder buttons, which expanded the possibilities. Thus, the classic gained an updated control, with the possibility of controlling the camera, as well as aiming better and shooting with the trigger button, in addition to changing weapons in a simpler way, also with the shoulder buttons.

Within what the game offers, that is, as part of a collection that makes many people play it without having to pay for anything, since the Game Pass and the Switch Online are already paid by most people, it’s a good size. It’s the updated classic. Not remastered, and not with new gameplay. It’s just an honest update, with occasional tweaks.

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25 years later, GoldenEye 007 still rocks, now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

These were occasional changes, but they maintained the original experience. A Rare makes good changes, when he goes to adapt one of his old games. Perfect Darkthe successor that has been available for some time on Xboxfor not having the same copyright problems, it was already pleasing, and a lot. Banjo-Kazooiein turn, also featured changes in relation to the item collection system in the game, to make it more fluid.

So we can see that, 25 years later, GoldenEye 007 still commands very well when it comes to quality play. How can we play it in an almost original way, except for changes in the control, a better resolution and framerate and the possibility of achievements, in the Xbox, it is possible to review a lot of quality in the game. Details such as obtaining a keycard from a scientist just by pointing the gun at him, or the way found to copy a certain disk, or even satellite photographs show the creativity of a Rare that makes us miss you so much.

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That one Rare, the one who knew how to be cute, but also mocking and, above all, very creative, will never come back. Both by the direction of the studio today, and by the current “rules” of the industry, which chose to call epic the “more of the same of the best game in the history of the last month”, giving up different ideas. But thankfully, the company honestly celebrates its legacy, and now allows another chapter of its history to be played out more properly.

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