25 year old Anders Brennbakk saved the boy who fell in Glomma – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

It was early in the morning of June 12 that the terrible thing happened.

A mother on a tent trip with her children notified the police that one of her children was missing.

A three-year-old boy had fallen in Glomma.

The cohabiting couple Anders Brennbakk (25) and Heidrun Aasen (22) were also on an overnight trip in the area.

Was not in doubt

Anders and Heidrun were woken up early by the dog Nala and decided to go home.

That was when Heidrun saw the child in the river.

She pointed, and made Anders aware of the boy.

– I managed to think “this is not happening”. Then I threw myself into the water, he says.

Anders had to swim to get to the boy in the river. The water was cold.

But he got the boy ashore.

WAKEN UP EARLY: Heidrun and Anders are happy that the dog Nala woke them up early, so they got the accident.

Photo: Knut Røsrud / NRK

For the sake of the family, Anders does not want to tell much more about what happened that morning. The family is aware that he tells the story to the media.

The police believe that the efforts of the couple that day were absolutely crucial.

– It was heroic and quick-thinking. It was absolutely crucial, and it could have been even worse without them, said Tom Johnsen, head of the operations unit Innlandet Øst in the Innlandet police district.

The boy’s parents also think so.

– We are eternally grateful for the efforts they made to save the life of our boy, the parents say to NRK.

Anders himself believes that he did exactly what everyone else would have done. That he was in the right place at the right time.

But the next few days were tough.

The good news

After the boy was taken ashore, he was flown to Rikshospitalet. There he lay in a coma.

A few days later, Anders and Heidrun finally got the good news.

The boy had woken up after two days, without injuries. He spoke and was as before.

Anders describes the feeling he got as euphoric.

– Imagine that you have carried a sack of 50-60 kg for three days, and finally someone lifts it off.

Heidrun Aasen and Anders Brennbak walk the dog

RELIEFED: The couple was very relieved when they heard that the boy was doing well.

Photo: Knut Røsrud / NRK

The cohabitants have met the family afterwards.

The couple was happy to see that the boy did well, but says that the experience is there.

– The good feeling that things went well fights a bit with the bad experience, says Anders.

But he is also concerned that it is not the couple who have had the worst after the accident, but the boy’s parents.

Today, the three-year-old is completely healthy without injury.

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