25% of young heart attack victims in Kerala are under the age of 30; Risk factors

Kannur: The age of heart attacks is decreasing in Kerala. Previously this was a disease of people over 60 years old. Today, the number of heart attacks in the 25-45 age group is very high. A shocking fact is that 25% of young people who have a seizure are under the age of 30.

The risk of heart disease is higher in Kerala than other states. Studies show that 20% of people have some form of heart disease. In 1993 it was only 1.4%. The risk of heart disease has skyrocketed over the past 30 years. Since 2000, heart attack rates have increased by 2% a year.

63,000 serious heart attacks occur in Kerala every year. There are many young people in it. The number of angioplasties performed each year is also increasing. Approximately 45,000 angioplasties were performed last year. As a result, primary angioplasty is urgently performed to save 12,000 lives. There are 120 cath labs in this tiny state. It is only thanks to modern treatments that we can reduce deaths from heart attacks.

Cardiologists point out many reasons for the attack at a young age. In addition to the traditional risk factors such as uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, there are other factors that lead to attacks in young people.

Excessive exercise

Too much exercise without a time limit can do more harm than good for your toned body and six-pack. If the body is pulled beyond what it can handle, the heart can’t handle it. 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is sufficient. 75 minutes of intense exercise. Many people get 300 to 450 minutes of vigorous exercise a week. Then the overtraining syndrome (OTS) occurs. OT in most overexercisers. I see

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Rhabdomyolysis can occur if the muscles are overstretched. There will be minor injuries to the muscles. It can also occur in the heart muscle. Then myoglobin leaks out and causes damage. Exercising too hard can lead to plaque buildup and blockages in your arteries. A heated body should cool down. After a hard workout, the body needs adequate rest. Most people don’t care. Then the stress hormone will remain.

Genes load the gun, risk factors pull the scissors

Hereditary and genetic predisposition to heart attack is up to 15%. Therefore, the risk increases in those whose father or mother has a heart attack after age 50. The influence of some genes increases the risk of heart attack. If there are other risk factors along with it, the chances are ten times greater. Alcohol abuse, drug use and stress among young people are becoming a great danger in the modern age.

Heart disease has been observed to occur without a large blockage in the coronary artery of unknown cause. This is due to temporary blockages in small arteries and veins. This is not checked on an angiogram. Another cause is narrowing of the arteries (coronary spasm) and reduced blood flow.

What has covid done?

Even before the arrival of covid, the heart attack rate in Kerala is very high. Myocarditis is estimated to increase after covid. The problem is the reduced ability to contract muscles. The stress caused by Covid-19 must affect heart health on many levels. ICMR to conduct a study on how covid affects heart health It was decided.

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Checks must be done after 10pm

About 50% of heart attacks have no symptoms. Therefore, before the age of 30, it is mandatory to carry out health checks to ensure the health of the heart. Especially men. Atherosclerosis begins at an early age. A doctor’s opinion should also be sought before starting an strenuous exercise program.

Dr. George Tayil
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
Lourdes Hospital, Ernakulam.

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