24CS, a systems contractor, shows a backlog in hand, close to 1.2 billion baht, supporting an exceptional revenue growth of no less than 50%

Tuesday, 04 October 2022

24CS Freshman Stock, red label Trading on the main market today is the first day, showing the results of the year 65, not unusual after embracing the job in hand, currently has a backlog of around 1.168 million baht, recognizing around 50 % of income this year and is in the process of bidding for new jobs to strengthen the army Regarding the revenue target for the year 65, it is expected to grow by at least 50%, with the proceeds of the fundraising attached to the contract for major projects.

24CS opened the first trading day at 7.10 baht, up 3.70 baht or 108.8% from the IPO price of 3.40 baht, closed the first trading day at 10.20 baht , with an increase of 6.80 baht or 200% with a trading value of 4,974.98 million baht.

Mr. Yosavee Wattanatheerakijcha CEO Twenty Four Con and Supply Public Company Limited (24CS) said the company listed stocks on the alternative investment market (never) for the first day. Expert and specialized expertise in the provision of services for the installation of air conditioning and control systems for the internal environment. Provision of procurement services for electrical and communication installations Provision of procurement services for installation of sanitary and fire systems and providing soundproofing installation services Covering the service at every stage, from planning to work. Construction supervision and equipment procurement with a team of experienced engineers Is responsible for closely checking and monitoring operations to ensure construction is accurate, quality, and can be delivered in accordance with the terms of the contract. With over 9 years of industry experience, he has managed many large construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

Currently, 24CS has a pending backlog of approximately 1.168 billion baht. Approximately 50% of this year’s revenue is recognized and is in the bidding phase for other new projects. Get an overview of the expanding construction industry In the past, the Company’s performance Double-digit growth This year sales are expected to increase significantly compared to last year.
Therefore, the revenue target for 2022 is expected to grow by at least 50%.

After this fundraising, it is believed the Company will have the potential to become more competitive Support for large projects This will support significant growth in revenue generation and future profitability. It is another stock that is in a period of growth. and can remain in the hearts of long-term investors

In this regard, 24CS operates as aImport and distribution of air conditioning equipmentand ventilation Leading international brand TROX and is a distributor of products for air conditioning and ventilation equipment of leading international brands such as TRANE AAF KRUGER HONEYWELL etc. In addition, the company is also a service provider for the installation of building engineering systems. and construction work to be able to provide more comprehensive services to customers and focus on using modern technological innovations to increase business efficiency

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