Most people think breast cancer is characterized by a lump in the breast, but it turns out that “acne” can also be a warning sign of breast cancer. A 24 year old woman in the UK found a bump on her chest earlier, thinking it was just normal “acne” and squeezed it out, but the “acne” not only did not subside, it became more big and blue – It was only after a medical examination that she discovered she had breast cancer and needed immediate treatment.

According to the American media《Insider》According to reports, Siobhan Harrison, a 24-year-old woman from South Wales, UK, found a suspected acne lump on her chest in December 2020 and tried to squeeze it, but the acne has not only not subsided, but gradually it got bigger. , and he was bruised, as she was concerned about her body abnormality, Harrison immediately called the doctor to make an appointment for an examination.

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Diagnosis of stage 2 triple negative breast cancer

Harrison originally planned to be tested through the NHS, but there was a nine-month waiting list, so she switched to a private hospital for an ultrasound. It turned out that “acne” could be a sign of cancer, so she was put on the NHS waiting list and a detailed examination will be carried out in June 2021.

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Lab tests confirmed Harrison was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer, which means the cancer has spread to nearby tissues but hasn’t spread to other organs. Harrison later underwent surgery to remove the lump and received two weeks of radiation therapy earlier this year to prevent the cancer from returning, and is still being monitored for cancer recurrence.

according toInformation on the American Cancer Societytriple negative breast cancer is a type of breast cancer that spreads faster, has fewer treatment options, and tends to have worse outcomes than other types. Brain metastasis, currently the most complex type of breast cancer.

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6 risk factors for breast cancer

Dr. Liu Boren, an expert in genetic nutrition and functional medicine in Taiwan, once said that most of the reasons for young women suffering from breast cancer are related to the following six high-risk habits:

Don’t exercise.

Go to bed very late.

Eat fewer fruits and vegetables.

Love barbecue smoked meats.

I love drinking sugary drinks with hand shake.

Environmental hormones, plasticizer pollution.

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