24 arrested in protests against the Supreme Court in Midtown

The Supreme Court ruling that annulled a woman’s right to have an abortion, by annulling Roe vs. Wade, set off the alarms and the demonstrations.

On Friday night, some 24 people were arrested among the dozens of protesters who gathered at the intersection of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, in front of Bryant Park.

Of those arrested, 21 of them were released and fined for disorderly conduct. Three were arrested for obstructing government property.


There were 24 people arrested during the Midtown protests.

Tania Rodríguez agrees with this fight because her future is threatened: “I have a brother under ten years old, who is just going to enter that stage, he is going to meet many girls; I just got out of that stage, I am 22 years old. So, I don’t even know what advice I’m going to be able to give him.”

The controversial decision of the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, now leaves the responsibility of regulating abortion in the hands of the States.

Isaac González fears losing rights that, as he says, have taken years to win: “They are going to have a revolution because they are fighting for the rights that we have already received and deserve because America is something for all of us.”

Daniela Serrano believes in abortion, as long as there is a’good reason: “There are many people who have been raped, who have become pregnant, and that is why it seems to me that these people should be the first to be helped.”

And with this decision, abortion bans are planned in approximately half of the states in the country.

Outlawing abortion does not have the approval of the state of New York, traditionally Democratic. In fact, Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a campaign to educate women on their reproductive rights.

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