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24% #9 crowns #Kim So-yeon… What the’Penthouse’ left after Season 1[SS이슈]

[스포츠서울 김선우기자]The’Penthouse’, which was accepted in the second half of 2020, is completing the campaign of Season 1.

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama’Penthouse’ ends Season 1 with 21 episodes on the 5th. There is a lot of interest in the drama until the end, such as the identity of the butterfly tattoo that has not yet been revealed, and the revenge blood battle of Shim Su-ryun (Lee Ji-ah). In the final episode, Eun-se Ki is expected to make a special appearance, and expectations are high as to which role he will bridge.

At the news of the end of’Penthouse’, the listeners voiced their regrets, but the production of seasons 2 and 3 was decided early, and the filming of season 2 has already started since December last year. ‘Penthouse’, which has led 21 episodes of the Mon-Tue drama program, is scheduled to be organized 12 times in the Friday and Saturday drama program in Seasons 2 and 3. ‘Kim Soon-ok is the genre’, and the addictive mara-flavored’Penthouse’, which was strong and impactful, amplifies the expectation for the final episode.

◇ Kim Soon-ok World breaks down 20% of the wall
Artist Kim Soon-ok, who is called’The Last Godmother’, returned with’Penthouse’ as his next work. When I only saw the big narrative, I thought of JTBC’SKY Castle’, but when I opened the lid, it was completely different. Depending on the scene, ’19 gold’ was added, as well as various controversies from the beginning of the broadcast. The scenes of being tied with a rope or sticking with a pen, and scenes of stimulating school violence were frowned upon, and in the recent episode, the sex chromosome of Oh Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) in the play appeared as a male, and’transgenderism’ was raised. This is known as a simple accessory mistake, but it leaves a lot of regret. Nevertheless,’Penthouse’ marched high apart from the controversy. The ratings rose to the point of saying’I see while swearing’, and finally broke down the 20% wall of Ma and achieved the highest rating of 24% (Nielsen Korea, national standard). Unlike most terrestrial dramas that revolve around single-digit audience ratings, SBS’s’Penthouse’ saw the name of author Kim Soon-ok.

Best Acting Award Mid-length Drama Kim So-yeon (2)

◇ Only 9 trophies, the biggest beneficiary of the ‘2020 SBS Entertainment Awards’
‘Penthouse’ also proved its’crazy presence’ at the ‘2020 SBS Entertainment Awards’. As a drama that is still airing, it can be said that it has an upper hand in terms of the matchmaking, but as he performed hotly without a main cast, it naturally led to the award of the year-end awards ceremony. ‘Penthouse’ won the best acting award in the mid-length category, Um Ki-jun, Kim So-yeon, Lee Ji-ah, Yujin, the medium-length excellent acting awards, Bong Tae-gyu, Yoon Jong-hoon, Shin Eun-kyung, the supporting actor Park Eun-suk, and the youth acting award Kim Hyun-soo. All the actors on the stage showed their belief in director Joo Dong-min and writer Kim Soon-ok, and raised expectations for Season 2. In the case of Kim So-yeon, he was fortune-telling with Han Seok-gyu of’Romantic Doctor Kim Master 2’and Nam Goong-min of’Stove League’, but he was only regretted by being co-winned with Lee Ji-ah and Eugene. Kim So-yeon said, “I am a villain, and my parents-in-law always cheered me for being cool. I am grateful to Mr. Sang-Woo Lee, who I want to see who loved my family and gave me great support.”

◇’Cheon Seojin Syndrome’, actor Kim So-yeon’s rediscovery
Actor Kim So-yeon, who has been in her 28th year since her debut, reached her heyday again with’Penthouse. Every piece has been constantly changing, but this time, it is particularly at the highest level. It is the most intense filmography as a villain who has re-challenged 20 years after MBC’All About Eve’. The scenes were completed each time as if reminiscent of’Mali Ficent’, the ruler of the dark, and after the death of his father, the insane piano playing scene was talked about greatly after the air. Moreover, as can be seen from the appearance of SBS’Running Man’, unlike the usual positive and good image of Kim So-yeon, the high temperature difference with Cheon Seo-jin in the drama gave a greater sense of joy to the home theater. Kim So-yeon brought out’Kim So-yeon’s rediscovery’ by revitalizing detailed elements such as not only the look of her eyes, but also the trembling of her eyes and lips. As a result, it ranked first in the actor’s brand reputation in January.

An official said, “Since the drama is directly connected to Season 2 and there are many parts to reason about belonging to the drama,’Spo Banji’ is very important. Therefore, even though Season 1 was a great success, we are also asking us to refrain from asking questions about Season 2 as much as possible, even if we are considering whether to proceed with the interview.” Meanwhile, the final episode of’Penthouse’ Season 1 will be aired at 10 pm on the 5th.

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