24.16 Million Customers Get Free Electricity Assistance from PLN, How To Get It Easily Via HP


It is fun that 24.16 million customers get free electricity assistance from PLN, directly login to www.pln.co.di or WhatsApp or via cellphone.

MOTOR Plus-online.com – Excited 24.16 million customers can help free electricity from PLN, directly login www.PLN.co.di or whatsApp or via HP.

Bikers can get subsidized assistance free electricity until the 50% discount is granted PLN for the community.

The corona pandemic made the government provide direct cash assistance (BLT) to electricity assistance to a discount of up to 50% payment.

This time, PLN provide the program free electricity and a 50 percent discount, as an economic stimulus amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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For free electricity for household customers, PLN provide to 24.16 million customers PLN with a power of 450 VA.

Other than that, free electricity can also be claimed by small entrepreneurs with a power of 450 VA.

There are approximately 7.72 million customers PLN can get a 50 percent discount, namely subsidized 900 VA customers.

The following is how to get free tokens PLN or 50 percent discount:


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