238 DHF Cases Detected in Pasuruan Regency, 4 People Died

Pasuruan (beritajatim.com) – The case of dengue fever is of particular concern to the Pasuruan Regency Government. Through the health office, the Pasuruan Regency Government appealed to residents to maintain cleanliness.

This is because within four months, there were 4 cases of DHF patients who died. So the Pasuruan District Health Office made an appeal to residents.

The head of the Pasuruan District Health Office, Dr. Ani Latifah, said the four people who died consisted of children and adults. If the treatment is delayed and the symptoms of the disease are not detected early, it can lead to death.

“Dengue fever is a disease that must be detected early and must be treated immediately. If it is severe, then it can be treated too late and can be fatal, namely death, “said Ani.

In addition to the 4 people who died, the Pasuruan District Health Office noted that there had been 238 cases of DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever) during January-April 2022. He hopes that the cases will decrease as long as the community adopts clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS).

Mainly by continuing to carry out the 3M movement, namely draining water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs, and burying or recycling used goods that have the potential to cause puddles.

“Keep maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, because a dirty environment is a trigger for mosquito breeding, including the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which causes dengue fever. The point is that PHBS is optimized,” he appealed

Not only 3M as a measure to anticipate the spread of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, Ani also urges the public to be able to avoid mosquito bites while sleeping in several ways. Among them by using mosquito nets or turning on insect repellent or using anti-mosquito lotion while resting.

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Meanwhile, the Health Office itself is still doing massive fogging (spraying), encouraging larva monitors, aka jumantik (later monitors) and expecting residents to put abate powder into puddles of water that could potentially become mosquito nests.

“We have carried out an epidemiological investigation by stopping the transmission. Fogging we encourage environmental cleanliness through socialization, at the same time we encourage jumantik to go around people’s homes while carrying abate powder,” he concluded. [ada/but]

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