2,255 corona patients in hospital already, last Tuesday a new daily record of 11,737 infections

Last Tuesday, for the first time ever, more than 10,000 new corona infections were detected in one day in Belgium – in the meantime that record has even been adjusted to 11,737. In hospitals too, things continue to go bad, with 351 new patients yesterday, according to the new figures from health institute Sciensano. It has been since April that so many people ended up in the hospital in one day with Covid-19.

There were in the week of October 7-14 an average of 7,399.1 new confirmed infections per day, a increase of 88 percent. Yesterday saw an increase of 97 percent, the day before by 96 percent. The total number of confirmed cases since the start of the epidemic has climbed so much to now 213,115 infections. That is 10,964 more than yesterday.

There are Wednesday 14 October, the most recent day for which consolidated daily figures are available, 9,579 new infections established. Due to the growing backlog in the processing of the tests, it became absolute record of more than 10,000 confirmed cases from Tuesday, October 13, revised upwards to 11.737.

The figures after October 14 are not yet definitive, but for now it is already 5,938 cases for Thursday, October 15, and 2,083 before Friday, October 16.


He will an average of 50,991 tests per day performed from 7 to 14 October. That is an increase of 36 percent. On Wednesday, more than 72,000 tests were taken.

In total tested 14.23 percent positive on average, a significant increase in a week, when ‘only’ 9.77 percent of the samples were positive. The World Health Organization regards 5 percent as a ‘threshold’ to be able to consider the epidemic under control.


He was yesterday, a Saturday, preferably 351 new hospital admissions. It has been since mid-April that this number was so high. The average comes up completed 234 new recordings per day, compared to 119 a week earlier. That is an increase of 96 percent and thus almost doubled. Friday there were 240 new admissions, Thursday 284 and Wednesday 255.

The total hospital occupancy continues to increase until now more than 2,200 patients, 2,255 to be exact. These are already available 381 people in the intensive care unit, 172 are ventilated.


The past week passed away every day an average of 28 corona patients, an increase of 13 percent from the previous week. According to the latter consolidated day grade died there on Wednesday, October 14 42 people. That was already from May. For the not yet final figure of Thursday, October 15, the counter is currently already at 34 deaths.

Since the beginning of the epidemic now 10,392 corona patients have died.

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