22 sixes, 17 fours, 205 non outs in 77 balls; Ajinjadi Windies star; Even if you’re playing T-20, you don’t need a trick …

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22 sixes, 17 fours, 205 non outs in 77 balls; Ajinjadi Windies star; Even if you’re playing T-20, you don’t need a trick …

West Indian superstar Rahkeem Cornwall scored points in the T20 format. The player marked a double century by breaking many records in the T20 format.

Cornwall has captured the attention of the entire cricket world by performing brilliantly in the Atlanta Open T-20 League (Atlanata Open 2022). The rivalry between the Atlanta Fire and Square Drive is now the main topic of discussion in the world of cricket.

The Atlanta Fire, Cornish star made a sensation in the world of cricket by scoring 205 not out of 77 balls.

22 six and 17 borders were born from the star bat. This means that the player has scored 200 points. Cornwall only handled five runs.

With their personal score still at 199, Cornwall completed their double century by scoring a six on the last ball in the Atlanta inning. The strike rate of the star was 266.23.

Atlanta Fire, who batted first thanks to Cornish batting excellence, scored 326 points for the loss of a wicket in 20 overs.

In addition to Cornwall, Steven Taylor scored 53 points with five sixes and four of 18 balls and Sammy Aslam scored 53 points with three sixes and seven fours of 29.

Beating at a required execution speed of 16.3 per over, Square Drive managed to score just 154 runs for the loss of eight wickets in the stipulated over.

With this, one of the best victories in cricket history was recorded in the name of Fire. Fire’s victory was 172 points.

Only the openers Yashwant Balaji and Varun Sai Mantha tried to put a little effort into the innings square drive. Balaji scored 38 points and Varun scored 36 points.

Cornwall isn’t the first player to score a double century in the T20 format despite innings hitting opposing bowlers. Delhi cricketer Subodh Bhatti holds that embarrassing record.

In a domestic game last year, he scored 205 points out of 79 balls. There were 17 sixes and as many borders in Bhatti’s innings.

The next Atlanta Fire game is on October 6th. The opponents are RDU Army.

Highlight: Rahkeem Cornwall makes the double century at the Atlanta Open

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