22 new cases in Parma. A dead man in the region and from our province

Since the start of the Coronavirus epidemic, 37,297 positive cases have been recorded in Emilia-Romagna, 383 more than yesterday, of which 162 asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities.

Of the 383 new cases, 145 were already in isolation at the time of the swab execution, 154 were identified in the context of already known outbreaks.

There are 22 new infections linked to returns from abroad, for which the Region has provided two nasopharyngeal swabs during fiduciary isolation if arriving from non-Schengen countries and one swab if returning from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Czech Republic and Spain. 13 positive cases of return from other regions instead.

The average age of new positives today is 42.8 years.

Out of the 162 asymptomatic, 103 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 33 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 7 with pre-hospitalization tests, 4 identified following a positive serological test. For 15 cases, the swab reason is being checked.

As for the situation in the provinces, the highest numbers are recorded in those of Bologna (60 cases), Modena (53), Forlì (44), Piacenza (43 cases), Rimini (38), Ferrara (38 ), in Reggio Emilia (32), in Cesena (23), Parma (22), Ravenna (21) and Imola (9).

In the province of Bologna there are 60 new cases. Of these, 35 are the symptomatic cases of which twelve are considered sporadic and 23 from various isolated outbreaks (family, in socio-health structures and frequency of public places). 2 cases are imported from abroad (Spain and Great Britain). Of the 25 asymptomatic cases, 8 are sporadic and 17 have known outbreaks (family and in socio-health structures). Finally, 2 cases are imported from abroad (France and Morocco) while 1 case is imported from other Italian regions (Puglia).

In the province of Modena, out of 53 new positives, 4 have returned from abroad (Morocco, Moldova, Czech Republic, Turkey), 5 are positive for screening for professional categories and in the school setting, 19 are contacts of known cases linked to various outbreaks , 25 are sporadic cases on which investigations are being carried out on the origin of the contagion.

In Forlì there are 44 new cases, of which 27 are symptomatic. Of these, 8 were identified following a swab required by the family doctor for symptoms, 7 following a pre-hospital swab and 4 following a swab performed for occupational screening. 24 were positive following a swab carried out by close contact with a known positive case and tracing, 3 following contact always with positive cases.

In the province of Piacenza, out of 43 new positives 20 were identified by contact tracing, 8 by notification of the family doctor, 5 by symptoms, 4 are attributable to returns from abroad (Malta, Albania, Egypt), 2 by screening in residences Cra, 1 with a swab performed in the emergency room where he had gone for another pathology, 1 with a swab performed in the hospital ward where he was for another pathology, 2 for screening in the workplace.

In Rimini and the province of the 38 new cases, of which 29 with symptoms, all are in home isolation and more than half were already in isolation at the time of the swab. In detail, 13 patients sporadic due to symptoms, 4 returning from abroad (Albania and Spain), 19 attributable to contacts with certain cases of which 15 of family origin and other friends or work; finally 2 returned from other regions of Italy (Tuscany).

In the province of Ferrara out of 38 positives, 16 were identified as contacts of already known cases, all asymptomatic (attributable to school and family outbreaks), 9 are guests and 9 operators of a Cra residence in which an outbreak has been isolated, 1 symptomatic in home isolation with swab requested by the family doctor, 1 symptomatic with swab performed in the emergency room, then hospitalized, 1 return from abroad (France), and 1 asymptomatic with swab for screening in hospital.

In Reggiano, out of 32 new positive cases, 13 are attributable to family outbreaks, 12 classified as sporadic, 1 imported from abroad (Ghana), 1 in a facility for the elderly, 2 in work outbreaks, 3 in outbreaks of friends.

In Cesena and its province, out of 23 positives, of which 14 with symptoms, 21 were already in home isolation. In detail, 19 were detected in the context of contact tracing activities (for contact with already established cases, mainly in the family context) and 4 are sporadic cases (3 for symptoms and 1 through tests for professional categories).

In Parma and its province there are 22 new positives: 11 were detected in the context of contact tracing activities, 3 are attributable to returns from abroad (Moldova, Spain, Ukraine) 1 following screening activities for health professionals, 2 were detected with pre-admission screening tests.

Of the 21 new positives identified in Ravenna and the province: 15 are asymptomatic, 20 in home isolation and 1 hospitalized following another pathology. In detail, of the 21 positives 4 are sporadic patients with symptoms and 10 for contact with certain cases of which 6 in the family environment, 2 patients were detected with pre-admission screening tests (one of the two was in home isolation for return from ‘Iraq); 3 for returning from abroad (Morocco and Romania); 2 following a positive serological test, carried out voluntarily.

The swabs made yesterday are 13,779, for a total of 1,282,331. To these are added also 2,889 serological tests.

The active cases, ie the number of actual patients, are 5,976 to date (367 more than those recorded yesterday).

Unfortunately, there is a new death in the province of Parma. The total number therefore rises to 4,494.

People in isolation at home, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, are a total of 5,719 (+350 compared to yesterday), about 95% of active cases. There are 16 patients in intensive care (+2 compared to yesterday), 241 (+15) those hospitalized in other Covid wards.

The total number of people healed rose to 26,827 (+15 compared to yesterday): 7 “clinically cured”, that is, became asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 26,820 those declared completely cured because they were negative in two consecutive tests .

These are the new cases of positivity in the area, which refer not to the province of residence, but to the one in which the diagnosis was made: 5,318 in Piacenza (+43, of which 28 symptomatic), 4,481 in Parma (+22, of which 10 symptomatic), 6,025 in Reggio Emilia (+32, of which 22 symptomatic), 5,191 in Modena (+53, of which 33 symptomatic), 6,683 in Bologna (+60, of which 42 symptomatic); 606 cases in Imola (+9, of which 4 symptomatic), 1,553 in Ferrara (+38, of which 6 symptomatic); 1,901 in Ravenna (+21, of which 6 symptomatic), 1,536 in Forlì (+44, of which 27 symptomatic), 1,215 in Cesena (+23, of which 14 symptomatic) and 2,788 in Rimini (+38, of which 29 symptomatic ).



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