21-year-old photographs police officers, then he accelerates – Styria

A 21-year-old alcoholic took off in front of the Judenburg police on Wednesday night after sharing pictures of the officers on Snapchat.

An intoxicated 21-year-old was on Wednesday night at St. Marein-Feistritz (Murtal) in a wild chase with the police after he had previously drawn attention to himself through willful photos. The youngster is now rid of his driver’s license.

2G controls in the Murtal

Shortly after 9 p.m., police officers from Judenburg parked their patrol car in the parking lot of an inn in order to carry out 2G focus checks in bars together with the health authority. As the officers waited for more patrols to arrive, a 21-year-old was dropped off at the parking lot by a work colleague.

The Murtaler then sat down in his vehicle that happened to be parked next to the patrol car and saw the two officers. Suddenly he pulled out his cell phone and photographed the police officers from close range for no apparent reason. As it turned out later, he sent this picture via Snapchat.

Rush home with 1.5 per mille

When the police finally wanted to subject the 21-year-old to a driver and vehicle check, he stepped on the gas. The officers started the persecution and finally found the youth at his home address. An alcohol test showed just under 1.5 per mille.

The police temporarily confiscated the man’s driver’s license. The 21-year-old is reported to the district authority of Murtal for various administrative violations.

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