21.7 Million Euros Allocated to Municipal Governments for Providing Support to Ukrainian Refugees

On Tuesday, March 28, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to allocate 21.7 million euros to local governments to provide support to Ukrainian refugees, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) informed portal “Delfi”.

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The aforementioned amount is intended to cover the expenses of local governments for the period from January to June of this year, incurred and planned by them, providing support to the civilian population of Ukraine, including provision of accommodation and meals, provision of social support, provision of education, support for applying for administrative services, unified state and local government the provided support for ensuring the operation of the coordination points.

In order to organize a timely and simplified process of payment of expenses for municipalities, the draft order determines the maximum amount of funding required for providing support – 21.78 million euros.

VARAM will still have to prepare and submit to the Ministry of Finance requests for the allocation of the mentioned funds from the state budget program “Financing for the implementation of the measures specified in the Law on the Support of Civilians of Ukraine” according to the amount actually required.

VARAM reminded that in 2022, municipalities provided support to Ukrainian civilians in the amount of 57.72 million euros.

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