21.5 “iMacs with SSD or Fusion Drive at the same price and a reprieve for the iMac Pro

The iMac 21,5″ and iMac Pro get some improvements with this summer refresh. Already, nothing new on the screen, on the webcam, on the graphics card, on the generation of processors used or on the arrival of a T2 chip. Nada for all that.

On the other hand, the SSD storage medium is generalized on this entry-level family, from the first model. It embeds 256 GB of base, just like its two neighbors. The tariffs do not move : 1,299 and 1,499 and 1,699 € with delivery from August 19 for the non-Retina model and August 6 for the 2 4K versions.

It should be remembered that the previous range was based on 1 TB hard disks for the first two 21.5 “and a Fusion Drive of this capacity also for the third configuration.

With this change, we lose a lot in storage capacity but we will not complain about the generalization of an SSD that we have been asking for for so long. However, Apple remains Apple and we would have been very naive to expect more in terms of SSD capacity. Therefore, so as not to give the impression of taking on one side what it gives on the other, Apple offers a choice in the configuration: either we stay on the 256 GB of SSD by default, or we return on a 1TB Fusion Drive. In both cases the price does not change. The Fusion Drive is not transformed into a paid option. But you can pay to have 512 GB of SSD (250 €) or 1 TB (500 €) … Detail: on the first of the two 21.5 “4K iMacs, the optional Core i7 processor is now at 375 € instead of 325 € previously.

L’iMac Pro receives a small processor update, with a ramp-up. The base model now uses a 10-core Xeon W at 3 GHz and Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz. Previously this was the first of the other 3 options, to replace the 8-core Xeon W at 3.2 GHz and Turbo Boost up to 4.2 GHz.

The price remains unchanged at € 5,499 with delivery between August 12 and 19. We note in passing that this iMac Pro does not receive the option of a nano-textured glass as on the new iMac 27 “ nor that of 8 TB of storage. What we can possibly interpret as the indication of a blocked future for this machine.

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