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2024 Autumn and Winter Paris Fashion Week Highlights: Hermès Men’s Wear and Leather Craftsmanship

The 2024 Autumn and Winter Paris Fashion Week kicked off with men’s wear as the starting point. In the Hermès show that just ended over the weekend, the designer not only continued his usual calm style, but also demonstrated his brand’s high-end production technology. This season, he also added new… The design elements allow men to have a mature temperament when wearing clothing, but at the same time, they do not lose their playful and youthful side. As for bags, there are many large bags that are both practical and fashionable. Their simple appearance Girls also flock to her type.

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Wider is more fashionable


Compared with the previous strict fit tailoring, Hermès has relaxed the shoulder line of the clothing a lot this time. You can see that the shoulder lines of many jackets and windbreakers are presented in loose lines, and knitted items can also be seen in loose tailoring. , in order to maintain good body proportions, the designer relaxed the silhouette of the clothing and also cut the length of the lower part. A variety of upper body items are presented in the form of short hems, paired with well-fitting trousers. Let boys still have good proportions even if they wear clothing with dropped shoulders.

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Match with multiple layers


Facing the changeable climate of autumn and winter, Hermès cleverly uses onion-style dressing to cope with the challenge. On this catwalk, every look of the brand is presented in the form of multiple layers, whether it is through high-collar inner wear, Whether it is presented in the form of a shirt layered with a jacket, or a leather neckband is added as an embellishment, we can see the importance of layering in this season. In addition, Hermès has broken through the past restrained approach in stacking clothing items. This time on the show, you can see translucent functional jackets paired with eye-catching cardigans, layered with translucent materials. There are also sets of plaid suits, styled with long windproof jackets in different colors.

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Showcasing leather craftsmanship


When it comes to exquisite leather craftsmanship, Hermès can definitely take the lead. In addition to showing the use of leather fabrics on bags this season, in this show, the brand’s exquisiteness can be seen in long coats and short jackets. In addition to the leather production, you can also see the brand’s splicing method of combining leather with fine wool fabrics, complex production techniques, and dynamic video presentations, showing the process of the model’s walking process where the leather follows the curves of the body. Together, they all demonstrate the exquisite skills of the brand’s craftsmen.

High collar is the key


In this big show, turtleneck tops were almost used throughout the show. In addition to using the neck circumference to create a layer of collars, the brand can already see knitted tops, jackets and other items presented in the form of turtlenecks. One of them is like Polo The single product has caught the public’s attention. In the seemingly simple design, Hermès presents the collar piece in a double-layered manner. The full details make the clothing exquisite and tasteful.

Continue the trend of big bags


After the trend of small waste bags has swept the fashion circle, in the past two seasons of fashion weeks, the trend of large bags has returned again! In the 2024 autumn and winter men’s wear show, bags as big as luggage bags have become the focus. Whether carried by hand or presented as a clutch bag, large bags can become the best accessories! In this year’s 2024 spring and summer, the brand will present men’s bags in a lightweight form. It is speculated that this autumn and winter large bags will definitely use Hermès’ exquisite craftsmanship to present leather in a lighter form.

Classic Haut à courroies updated


In addition to a variety of eye-catching large bags, the brand’s Haut à courroies, inspired by military-inspired military bags, also appear in a new form this season. Different from the simple appearance of the past, this time the splicing technique embellishes the bag body. , allowing the iconic bag shape to be presented in a more playful form. In terms of color, the brand maintains warm earth colors, making the bag highly matchable. The design of the bag cover is like the appearance of a Birkin bag, which also makes the bag more versatile. People who like big bags have a new choice.

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