Discover Antonella Clerici’s Fairytale House in the Woods with a Secret Gym

Antonella Clerici-ifood Have you ever seen Antonella Clerici’s fairytale house? Immersed in the woods, it hides a secret inside. Who follows the sunny and nice Antonella Clerici she knows well that for some time she moved to live in the woods, in a house surrounded by a fairytale atmosphere. On social networks, the presenter often […]

New Study Reveals Alternative Theory on the Origin of Humanity

The most accepted version of the origin of humanity claims that we all come from a single ancestry: an ancestral population that inhabited Africa. However, a recent study seems to contradict this hypothesis. The study took place at the request of the American journal specialized in Science, the Nature. The research was carried out in […]

Car Bonus 2023: Which Cars are Sold Out and Which Ones are Still Available?

car-stamp-(ok-motorzoom) For a long time there has been talk of the importance that the famous car bonuses have assumed for the sector market and for customers: however, as expected, some incentives have run out. Which? Crucial to entice many citizens to the purchase of some particular vehicles, to a process of scrapping and also of […]