“Inter Milan Wins Italian Football Cup for the Ninth Time in History”

Thursday, May 25, 2023 – 12:57 AM Rome, May 24, 2020, WAM/ Inter Milan won the Italian Football Cup, by defeating Fiorentina 2-1 today, in the final match of the tournament, at the Olympic Stadium in the capital, Rome.Inter Milan won the title for the second season in a row, and for the ninth time […]

The Misconception of Giving up Bread for Health and Weight Loss

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Many people believe that stopping eating bread will help maintain health and get rid of excess weight, and this is a misconception, as carbohydrates in general and bread in particular are important foods that the body needs. And the most important things that can happen in the body when you stop eating bread, […]

Report on fair hiring in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico – PublicoGT

By Micaela Marquez Of the 15 million migrants in Latin America, 11.2 are Mexican; 1.6 million Salvadorans; 1.4 million Guatemalans and close to one million Hondurans, according to the study by the International Labor Organization (ILO) “Equitable recruitment in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico: Assessing progress and closing the gaps”, presented in Mexico together […]

“Victim of Domestic Violence in Depok Made a Suspect: The Shocking Reality”

Thursday, 25 May 2023 – 03:36 WIB LIVE Subway – Viral on social media, a woman in Depok who became a victim of domestic violence (KDRT) from her husband was instead made a suspect after reporting it. This is known from the posting of an account named @Saharahanum on Twitter. In this account, the account […]

“Understanding Taxation of Liquidation Profit in GmbH/UG: A Comprehensive Guide”

1. The assets at the end of the liquidation of a corporation According to Section 11 (2) KStG, liquidation profit is the difference between the final liquidation assets (Section 11 (3) KStG) and the initial liquidation assets (Section 11 (4) KStG). The liquidation profit is paid out at the end of a continuous liquidation procedure […]

“Ron DeSantis Announces Presidential Candidacy on Twitter Despite Technical Difficulties”

TWITTER ANNOUNCEMENT: Ron DeSantis in a speech on Twitter Thursday night. Photo: @RonDeSantis/Reuters Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (44) is ridiculed after a challenging start to the election campaign on Thursday night. Published: Less than 2 hours ago Updated just now On Wednesday, it was official: DeSantis is running as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate for […]

“Successful Polio Vaccine Implementation in Cisalak Village, Subang”

Subang, tribuntipikor.com Polio vaccination is in the form of an oral or drip vaccine so that it will not cause side effects in toddlers such as fever or fever. Cisalak sub-district head Sumardi accompanied by the Cisalak Police Chief AKP. M. Wahidin Agusni SH, Head of trantib Cisalak District, Head of Cimanggu Village, Bhabinkamtibmas and […]

“Sport.cz – Online Magazine by Právo & Seznam.cz for Daily News, Photos & Videos”

Online magazine of the daily Právo & Seznam.cz Copyright © Seznam.cz, a.s., Borgis, a.s., CTK, DPA, Reuters, Profimedia photobanks. Audiovisual media services. Publishing or further dissemination of the contents of the Sport.cz server is prohibited without the written consent of Borgis, as. RSS channels of the Sport.cz server are intended for personal use only. Any […]