Volaris Airline Staff Calls for Strike Amid Unfair Dismissals and Alleged Intimidation

Written in NATIONAL he 21/5/2023 · 16:27 hs airline staff you will fly summoned to strike for next Friday June 2, from 0:00 hoursbefore the “unfair dismissals” and alleged acts of intimidation inside the airline. Although they affirmed that they remain open to dialogue, they declared that “labor rights are not negotiable.” “Let’s not allow […]

Swiss Parliament Votes to Strengthen Ties with Taiwan, Angering China

GENEVA (AP) – The lower house of Switzerland’s parliament has voted to cement ties with Taiwan’s legislature, a move that could further anger China following recent visits to the island by Western lawmakers. The Swiss National Council late Tuesday voted 97 to 87, with eight abstentions, to order parliamentary offices to “strengthen” ties with the […]

“Nuri Launch Preview: Separation of First Satellite after 13 Minutes”

Your browser does not support the video tag. We’re sorry, but please use a different browser. close The 3rd launch of the Nuri in advance… First satellite separation after 13 minutes [앵커] Nuriho’s third challenge is two days away. The practical satellite on board the Nuri is scheduled to separate 13 minutes after launch. Reporter […]

“The Environmental Impact of the Air Conditioner Boom in Warm Countries”

Indian summers have always been hot.Finally, the heat reaches the limits of human survival.area to tryapproaching. India, the world’s most populous country, has seen warmer temperatures across the country in recent weeks.Dozens of people at an event in ChubudieThousands of people rushed to hospitals with symptoms of heatstroke.hundreds of schoolsclosed schoolAnd the temperature is still […]

Top 8 Type-C Chargers for Fast and Safe Charging in 2023

Introducing Type c charger, fast charging, fast charging, safe, can be used for a long time, update 2023 Nowadays, there are many chargers or adapters that support charging. The more devices such as Tablet or Notebook require adapters that support more power than smartphones. When able to charge quickly, charge quickly, the battery is full […]

“Hong Kong players shine in 2023 World Table Tennis Championships’ opening day”

[Sports News]The “2023 World Table Tennis Championships” will start on Saturday (20th). Many Hong Kong players have appeared on the first day of the event. Among them, Lin Zhaoheng defeated the men’s doubles world champion in the men’s singles round of 128. The Swedish player Mattias Falck advanced, and the mixed doubles Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin […]