The European Union takes a step forward towards the regulation of Artificial Intelligence

On Thursday 11 May, the European Parliament took a decisive step towards the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). Preliminary approval of the EU AI Bill represents a significant step forward in EU efforts to limit potential abuses of AI, while continuing to foster innovation in this growing field. A long journey The regulatory proposal was […]

“Policeman Fatally Shoots Himself in Nightmare Friday Tragedy”

Nightmare Friday! A policeman fatally shot himself with his service pistol in his home in the village of Kolarovo, Petr. The incident was reported in the late afternoon by calling 112. The emergency team that arrived at the scene only confirmed his death. The 48-year-old employee in the “Security Police” sector of the administration in […]

“Nanocages: The Key to Selective RNA Delivery for Genetic Diseases Treatment”

Nanokooien: ‘the chemist dream’ Nanocages In nature, catalysis – the acceleration of a chemical reaction – takes place continuously. That’s what enzymes do that consist of a cavity – a kind of lock – into which the molecules they convert fit like a key. Due to the complex structure of the cavity, enzymes are able […]