“Unstoppable Finance Launches Europe’s First Regulated DeFi Bank and Stablecoin”

German startup Unstoppable Finance announced launch of Europe’s first fully regulated DeFi bank and stablecoin. The project promises to fully secure the reserves of the new “stablecoin”, as provided for by EU law. On April 20, the European Parliament approved the rules for regulating the crypto-assets market (MiCA). The new provisions will come into force […]

“NVIDIA’s RTX Video Super Resolution: The AI-Powered Future of Video Playback”

Application example of “RTX Video Super Resolution” Did you know that NVIDIA Gravo has an “AI chip”? The NVIDIA GeForce series is a classic GPU (graphic processor) for PC gaming fans. In particular, the new generation GeForce RTX series, which was born in 2018, not only supports real-time ray tracing technology, but also has an […]

“Al-Nasr Club Receives Invitation to Participate in International Tournament in Japan”

Al-Nasr Club received an invitation from tournament organizers in East Asia to host the first football team through a tour that includes participation in an international experimental tournament hosted by Japan. The invitation is similar to what is directed to international European teams in the east of the Yellow Continent. And the presence of international […]

Shohei Otani Participates in Hometown Astros Game as “No. 3 / Designated Hitter”

Participated in the hometown Astros game as “No. 3 / designated hitter” ■ Angels vs. Astros (11th Japan time, Anaheim) [PR]All-you-can-watch activities of notable Japanese players such as Shohei Otani and Masanao Yoshida at ABEMA! Live streaming of MLB 324 games and free highlights! Angels pitcher Shohei Otani will start on the 10th (Japan time […]

SYRIZA for wiretapping scandal / Mitsotakis knows very well the reasons for monitoring Androulakis

“Today’s debate revealed why Mr. Mitsotakis has been hiding all this time,” says SYRIZA-PS regarding the question posed to the prime minister The critical questions that emerged from his answer Kyriakou Mitsotakis in the debate of political leaders regarding wiretapping scandal and which should be answered underlines the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance. He even notices that “Mr. […]