“Chateau Meiland: Bedroom Decor and Bed Testing – Code Rosé Update”

At the time of filming, it is still two and a half months until the opening of Code Rosé. The building is still a major ruin. This time the Meilandjes focus on the bedrooms. Maxime remarks in one specific room that “if you were to have sex here,” they’ll hear it in the other room. […]

“The decline in Confidence in Dutch Politics: Statistics and Factors”

09 mei 2023 om 00:05Update: een uur geleden Our confidence in politics was at its lowest level in ten years last year. About 25 percent of the Dutch over the age of fifteen had confidence in the House of Representatives, and only 21 percent in politicians in general. Confidence in politicians is therefore unprecedentedly low, […]

The Controversial Relationship of Maiwenn and Luc Besson

Maïwenn, 47, and Luc Besson, 64, have had a relationship that has been at the center of some criticism. Maiwenn47 years old, and Luc Besson, 64, had a relationship that has been at the center of some criticism. In 1991, the two directors met during the ceremony of César. At that time, Maïwenn was 15 […]

New pension reform could lead to errors for specialists

Pascal Bernier, baker at “Salomé”, has been lifting sacks of flour since he was 17, so he will be allowed to leave before 64, but when precisely, he does not know. And we understand that the decrees on long careers that we have obtained now provide for four different starting ages. For those who started […]

Actress Martha Higareda Defends Her Freedom to Share Stories Amidst Controversy

The actress defended her freedom to share stories In the last days the name of Martha Higareda It has positioned itself in the bookmarks of social networks because many people believe that various anecdotes that the Mexican actress and producer has shared in the podcast that drives along Yordi RosadoAs in other interviews, she has […]