US Stocks Close Higher with Gains in Multiple Sectors

Stock indices in the United States rose at the end of today’s session; The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.07%. – US stocks were higher at the close on Friday, as gains in the , and sectors propelled shares higher. At the end of trading in New York, it increased by 0.07%, while it […]

“Exploring Underwater Photography and Diving with Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone”

Apple launched a new series of Apple Watch Ultra products in the Apple Watch lineup in September last year. The official said that this watch can accompany professional users up and down the mountains and seas, and also launched the Oceanic+ application for divers; but Apple products really Can it be your good partner when […]

Alexander Shlemenko Defeats Yasubi Enomoto in Kickboxing Fight in Moscow

Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Alexander Shlemenko defeated Yasubi Enomoto from Switzerland in a kickboxing fight. The fight that took place in Moscow ended with a unanimous decision of the judges. On account of the 38-year-old Shlemenko 61 wins, 15 losses, 1 draw in MMA, one fight was declared invalid. Enomoto, 39, has 22 […]

“Jaafar Al-Omda: The Thrilling Finale as Revenge is Served”

The thirtieth and last events of the series “Jaafar Al-Omda” by the star Mohamed Ramadan witnessed “Jaafar Al-Omda” taking revenge on the sons of the “Fatallah” family after they insulted his brother, “Sayed” and his cousin, “Naeem”, during his arrest at Cairo Airport. Summary of the series, Jaafar Al-Omda, episode 30 “Jaafar Al-Omda”, presented by […]

Having a Purpose in Life Protects Cognitive Function, Says New Study

Having a purpose in life protects the functionality of the brain, even when faced with stress and trauma. This means that highly motivated people have better cognitive functions in middle age, they are less likely to experience Alzheimer’s disease. These conclusions were reached by scientists from the University of Barcelona during a study involving 624 […]

Yeferson Cossio’s sister rejected Westcol in full broadcast

Westcol and Gisela Castaño (who is just beginning to create content for digital platforms) staged a virtual meeting that caused a stir on social networks. The rumor of a supposed romance between the two paisas was the main topic of the conversation, which became tense and direct at times. Live broadcasts are part of everyday […]