“President Biden Ends National Emergency for COVID-19 Pandemic”

WASHINGTON — The national emergency in the United States to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic ended Monday after President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan legislative resolution to end it after three years, just weeks after it expired along with a health emergency. public implemented separately. The national emergency allowed the government to take radical measures to […]

Polyus Contemplating Listing on Astana International Exchange, Says Bloomberg

The largest Russian gold mining company Polyus may list depositary receipts on the Astana International Exchange in Kazakhstan. The final decision has not yet been made. This was reported Bloomberg with reference to sources. Also, according to Bloomberg, another gold mining company, Polymetal, may register its parent company with the Astana International Financial Center. Earlier, […]

Popular Seijo Gakuen Elementary School Teacher “Monpekureme” Retires Amidst Controversy During Director’s Briefing Session- Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Director Yui (left) took an arrogant attitude at the parents’ meeting, answering the parent’s opinion with “Yes.”Principal Watanabe (right), who was accused of being irresponsible, did not show up until the entrance ceremony after the new semester due to anxiety. “Seijo Gakuen” in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo is a prestigious private school established in 1917 that […]

Ministry of Public Health reports 64 new COVID cases and one death, bringing total cases to 1,235,513.

The Ministry of Public Health announced, in a report published this evening on Corona cases, the registration of “64 new infections, which raised the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 1,235,513, and one death was recorded.” !function(d,s,id)var js,fjs=d.getItemsByTagName(s);[0];if(!d.getElementById(id))js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);“); //},3000); } }); //$(window).bind(‘scroll’); $(window).scroll(function () if (alreadyLoaded_facebookConnect == false) alreadyLoaded_facebookConnect = true; // $(window).unbind(‘scroll’); // console.log(” […]

HIV-AIDS/Antiretrovirals again available in CTAs – AGP

Libreville, April 11, 2023 (AGP) – After several months of disruption, antiretrovirals, treatments that can stop the progression of HIV/AIDS, have finally arrived on Gabonese soil. The teams of the AIDS prevention department have been distributing these drugs since Tuesday in the Outpatient Treatment Centers (CTA). It’s a sigh of relief for patients who could […]