Head of Creative for Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, Departs from Microsoft

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that Joseph Staten, a renowned video game industry veteran and one of the key figures behind some of the most successful games on Xbox, will be leaving his role at Xbox Game Studios. This news has caused a buzz in the gaming community, with many wondering what Staten’s […]

New vaccines proven effective and safe in preventing serious RS virus infections

Two vaccines have been shown to be effective and safe to prevent serious infections with the RS virus, the second leading cause of death in infants worldwide. This emerges from three studies by the Dutch pediatrician-infectiologist Louis Bont of UMC Utrecht. The groundbreaking results were published this week in the scientific journals Lancet Infectious Diseases […]

“Burnley Secures Promotion to Premier League after Victory over Middlesbrough”

In the 40th round of the English second-tier football championship (Championship), Burnley won 2-1 away against Middlesbrough, mathematically deciding that it can start the 2023-2024 season in the Premier League. Great joy, Burnley can play in the Premier League again (Photo: Getty Images) The first two places in the Championship will automatically advance to the […]

“Sony’s Latest Handheld Console: Introducing the PlayStation Q Lite”

Sony is reportedly developing a new handheld game console, namely the PlayStation Q Lite, like the PSP and PS Vita which have been popular for a long time. (firstpost.com) Krjogja.com – Jakarta – Sony is known to have quite a dominance in the portable handheld game console market with the PSP and PS Vita. Now, […]

“The Cost of Charging Stations: Factors That Affect the Price for Users”

Even if we disregard those fast charging stations, there can be major differences. According to Massin, that depends on when the charging station is installed. “The government, cities and municipalities award the charging stations to a specific party. The price depends on the electricity costs at that time.” If a charging station is installed when […]