What Occurred to 49 Pilgrims in the Aqabat Shaar Incident in Asir, Saudi Arabia?

11:18 PM Monday, March 27, 2023 Books – Abdullah Owais: 20 people were killed in a bus accident, which was carrying pilgrims, and thousands interacted on the Asir accident today, or what has become known as the Aqabat Shaar incident, on social media. And the Saudi Al-Ekhbariya channel reported, in urgent news, that the cause […]

NordVPN – ProstoMob: Smartphones eavesdrop on owners to cater to advertisers’ needs.

Many users believe that their smartphones are eavesdropping on conversations. Contextual advertising speaks in favor of the consistency of this statement. As soon as a user discusses a product with friends or family members, his ad immediately appears in the browser and social networks. According to NordVPN engineers, this is a real life situation, not […]

“Revitalizing Life” Chapter 10 (8.0 points) + Overall Feedback (8.5 points)

The ending is smooth, but it manages to touch people’s hearts in the daily details. The screenwriter is good at using repetition, and pushes the lost and regained friendship to a climax with deja vu plots, full of emotions and moving! To sum up, this drama is exciting and interesting, with a good balance between […]