Persons Disallowed from Operating While Fasting in Jakarta, the Capital City

Jakarta – provincial government DKI Jakarta issued operational provisions for tourism businesses during the holy month of Ramadan. So what are prohibited from operating during Ramadan? Head of the Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office DKI Jakarta Andhika Permata said discotheques to independent massage parlors were prohibited from operating during Ramadan. “Certain types of businesses, […]

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Breaking the Rope: A Nameless Adventure While Bungee Jumping and Rarely Home

Jakarta – A tourist meets a terrible fate. The bungee jumping rope or the elastic jump is broken. Launch CNN, Friday (24/3/2023), some bungee jumping users described it as a near death experience. Luckily for this man, he survived when his rope broke. Footage from the horrific ordeal went viral this week. Because, a 39-year-old […]

Hellish Giant Planet Discovered, Boiling its Sun in Two with its Atmosphere

Jakarta – Sophisticated telescope James Webb NASA’s recent find exoplanet interesting, with very extreme conditions. Exoplanet itself is a term for planets located far away, outside our Solar System. As quoted detikINET from, the giant planet has two suns and is named VHS 1256. Its clouds are made of silicates, similar to Earth’s sand, […]

Andrea Bezděková’s inexplicable survival –

Attention, the article will be laced with spoilers. Petr Havránek was considered a strong horse in Survivor from the beginning. He even had a hidden ace up his sleeve in the form of individual immunity, which he decided not to use. It ended up in the backpack of Andrea Bezděková, who after careful consideration decided […]

On which days can you enter NYC museums for free?

New York City is known for being a place full of art and culture. There is no doubt that museums are part of that range of activities full of stories for both residents and visitors. The good news is that many museums offer days and times to visit them for free, and there are also […]