Unified Gulf Week for Oral and Dental Health Commences in Arar

The Director General of Health Affairs in the Northern Borders Region, Alwan bin Saleh Al-Shamrani, inaugurated the activities of the Unified Gulf Week to promote oral and dental health under the slogan, (My health starts from my mouth). The four-day activities organized by the Northern Borders Health Department in Al-Othaim Mall in Arar aim to […]

Award – Literature prize for Simone Hirth from Kirchstettner

Created on March 21, 2023 | 00:00 Reading time: 2 mins Simone Hirth is pleased about another award. Photo: A.Königsecker, A.Königsecker MSimone Hirth is awarded the “Frau Ava Literature Prize 2023”. The Kirchstetten author receives the prize for her story “5 or: The poem about nothing”, which she wrote in winter. The text was selected […]

70 TL payment will be made in İzmir: Announcement has been made!

With the approach of Ramadan, citizens made a statement about fasting ransom payments this year. It was announced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs that the fasting ransom was determined as 70 TL this year. In the statement made by Diyanet, the following statements were made: “Taking into account the hadith-i sharifs on the subject, […]

The only place we felt secure has been taken away from us.

Homeless Solheim has slept in a cemetery. Not without reason. She has spoken exactly 49 nights out, until she got a place with the Salvation Army a year and a half ago. Bored and tired The fact that Solheim chose to sleep outside has one important explanation: – I’m tired of everyone who wants to […]

The title cannot be rewritten as it only contains a proper noun, “Rhein”, and cannot be changed without altering its original meaning.

Money After blasts: Banks change opening times for machines 11 hours ago In response to the increased number of ATM demolitions, Volksbank RheinAhrEifel and VR Bank Rhein-Mosel have temporarily reduced the opening times for their ATMs at several locations. Since Friday, the money has been taken from the machines at particularly endangered branch locations after […]

Wall Street rallies as banking sector stability improves – Nieuws.nl

Stock markets in New York closed with a profit on Monday, following the positives in Europe earlier in the day. Investors on Wall Street reacted positively to the takeover of ailing Credit Suisse by larger Swiss rival UBS on Sunday. As a result, the unrest in the banking sector eased somewhat. However, First Republic Bank […]

Pyotr Aven’s Catastrophic Fate: The Saga of How Sanctions Thwarted His Path to Success

On the evening of March 8, the former editor-in-chief of radio station “Echo Moskvi” Alexey Venediktov published photos of a collective letter of Russian oppositionists, the main signatory of which turned out to be Alexei Navalny’s political representative, Leonid Volkov. In this letter, the opposition asked the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der […]

Active subsurface oceans could possibly exist in the two moons of Uranus.

A new study has found that two of Uranus’ moons may have active oceans pumping material out into space. Realized that there could be more events on Uranus More than previously thought, it stemmed from the discovery of a strange feature in radiation data collected by NASA Cruise 2 spacecraft as it passed by the […]

Big Brother VIP | GF VIP 7: Antonella Fiordelisi Gets Eliminated.

The final is upon us and the desire to reach the last episode is ardent for every VIP, but one of the nominated women will soon have to leave the House, abandoning the dream of winning the edition. Alfonso rules Milena, Giaele, Antonella e Nikita with your back to the led. The first to be […]