Follow it regularly.. Daily habits that improve your memory capabilities

Memory is one of the brain functions that we must pay enough attention to in order for it to be strong in the short and long term. Regarding the causes of common forgetfulness, Hania Fodad, a psychologist at the LifeWorks Center for Mental Health, says: “In light of the accelerated lifestyle, the excessive use of […]

The Goddess of Cuba already has a work permit in the United States

The singer Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, affectionately known as The Goddess of Cuba, announced on her social networks that she already has her work permit in the United States. A little over a month after stepping on the land of Libertad, the Antillean artist obtained her work permit, with which she will be able to offer […]

Adán Augusto López rules out a fracture in the United States-Mexico relationship

The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, assured that the relationship between Mexico and the United States it is in no way broken, after the disappearance and subsequent discovery of four citizens of that nation. He pointed out that although it is an unfortunate incidentyou have to let advance the investigation and those […]

Michael Lang

Michael Lang reports as a correspondent from the Ahr Valley. On this page you will find an overview of his current articles and personal information. Michael Lang, correspondent, SWR regional office Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. SWR Ahr Michael Lang is the regional correspondent on the Ahr. He researches on site where there are problems with reconstruction, how […]

Tensions with the United States: “there will inevitably be a conflict”, warns Beijing

The gap is widening a little more between Beijing and Washington. After warnings about arms deliveries to Ukraine, China now accuses US of stoking tensions and warns against a risk of “conflict” and “confrontation”reports AFP in particular. The warning was given on Tuesday by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang: “If the United States continues on […]

Senasa announces registration of second vaccine against avian influenza

In a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad and companies dedicated to the poultry sector such as AVISUR, APRONOHOR and APA, the national head of SENASA, Miguel Quevedoannounced the registration of the second vaccine against avian influenza. In this way, SENASA reaffirmed its commitment to the sector in order to integrate efforts […]

U2 got in touch with Krezip drummer through Martin Garrix

EPAThe Dutch Van Den Berg may take the stage this fall with The Edge (left) and Bono NOS News•today, 23:00 Thanks to DJ Martin Garrix, Dutch musician Bram van den Berg is temporarily allowed to play drums at U2. In an interview with music magazine Rolling Stone says U2 guitarist The Edge that the Dutch […]

Orange Request Transmitted for MILLIONS of Customers in Romania

Orange sends millions of customers from all over Romania a very important request that they should not overlook at the moment, and this is because they are reminded of what they can do if they have a phone that they don’t they still use it, they can’t use it properly, and they want to get […]