Esil Duran: Slavi was clearly embarrassed to refuse me

Essil Duran had an extremely difficult start to her career. The talented singer was rejected many times before starting her glamorous journey in music. “I had a very difficult beginning. I don’t know how often I’ve told it. Before I went to “Painer”, I actually went to a meeting with the Kasamov brothers, I never […]

There’s a Burning Battery in the Cabin, the Plane Makes an Emergency Landing

Jakarta – The Spirit Airlines flight had to be diverted from its destination because there was smoke rising from the cabin. It is suspected that the fire started from the battery. Spirit Airlines airline crew said that there was a burnt battery in the aircraft cabin. As a result the Spirit Airlines Flight diverted and […]

He becomes a millionaire and a grandfather on the same day

He will remember this day of January 17 for a long time. That day, as usual, this inhabitant of Combourg (Ille-et-Vilaine) went to the bar-tabac Le Grand B to sip a little coffee. On site, the latter also wanted to try his luck in the EuroMillions draw. He took it well since the lucky guy […]

Oppo Find N2 Flip smartphone oficial de la UEFA Champions League

It is the first Oppo mobile with a folding screen that becomes the official smartphone of the UEFA Champions League. The first smartphone with a folding screen from the Chinese manufacturer, the recently launched Oppo Find N2 Flip, assumes the role of official smartphone of the UEFA Champions League. UEFA photographers equipped with an Oppo […]

What treatments for breast cancer?

Breast cancer affects more than 10,000 women in Belgium and less than a hundred men. HER2 positive, one of the particularly aggressive subtypes, represents between 15% and 20% of cases. Article reserved for subscribers Like Candice Bussoli Published on 1/03/2023 at 12:47 Reading time: 4 mins Mur life changed sooner than expected when I found […]

This is how ChatGPT works in the app

More and more online services rely on their own chatbot. Snapchat is also introducing an AI-supported chat function with “My AI”. The chatbot is based on ChatGPT. Version:varies Languages:Deutsch Release:04.09.2013 Platforms:Android “My AI” is to start Only available for users of the “Snapchat+” payment option. The function is to be rolled out in March. Snapchat […]

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Greta, who participated in the tribal struggle, is in custody

Oslo ∙ Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who led a demonstration in Oslo for tribal land rights, was detained twice by the police. The protest began on Monday demanding the removal of 151 wind turbines installed in the residential area of ​​the Sami tribal community in central Norway. Yesterday, Greta was forcibly removed by police […]