Hogwarts Legacy: How To Find The Sleeping Dragon Statue

We keep giving cane to Hogwarts Legacy, the open world Harry Potter game. It is already one of the great games of the year, and we may see a sequel sooner rather than later (even an HBO Max series) after the enormous success it is reaping. What’s more, Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t said its last word […]

Fire affects San Francisco de Borja Church in Santiago

Chilean Firefighters deployed to the scene as a result of the emergency. This Saturday afternoon, a fire affected the San Francisco de Borja Churchin the commune of Santiago, Metropolitan region. As a result of the emergency, personnel Chilean Firefighters was deployed in place to be able contain the flames. Until now, the causes of the […]

First move to cut BJP; Congress resolution in preparation for elections

Raipur ∙ The Congress made its first presence in the Lok Sabha election field through the political resolution passed in the plenary session. Along with announcing a 2004-style alliance against the BJP, he presented a short list of things he plans to do if he comes to power at the Centre. Now the BJP is […]

“Not our war”… Thousands protest in Berlin against the arming of Ukraine

The demonstrators, who numbered 10,000, demanded that Germany negotiate with Russia Published in: Feb 26, 2023: 01:33 AM GST Last updated: Feb 26, 2023: 01:53 AM GST Ten thousand people took part in a demonstration in Berlin on Saturday against the supply of weapons to Ukraine for the war with Russia, drawing criticism from senior […]

Shady Zidan.. Absence has been reincarnated to its fullest extent

Shady Zidane has not completed his 50th year. He believed that the acting profession sometimes fails those involved in it and pushes them into absence, but this time he reincarnated absenteeism to its fullest extent. Shadi Zidane’s concern remained to win the love of people and to be close to them Strange are the fates […]

Gold demand to rebound this year: WGC – NEWS 360 – BUSINESS

New Delhi: It is expected that gold demand in India will return to 800 tonnes this year, said David Tait, CEO of the World Gold Council (WGC). Inflation is expected to decrease this year. This will strengthen the consumer market. He said that this will pave way for increase in gold import. Last year the […]

race A man and a woman killed by gunfire in Prunelli-di-Fiumorbu

A man in his fifties and a woman aged 25 were killed by gunfire on the night of Friday to Saturday in Prunelli-di-Fiumorbu (Haute-Corse), said the public prosecutor of the Republic of Bastia . A wanted suspect The man had died when help arrived shortly after 1:30 a.m., the young woman for her part succumbed […]