It is extreme in every way. Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 gaming laptop test – Živě.cz

If you are not going to carry your gaming laptop too often and would rather appreciate greater immersion in the game, you can reach for an 18-inch machine. Pros The most powerful processor and graphics today Excellent sound system High-quality display with accurate colors Great cooling Comfortable keyboard with ARGB backlight Minuses Uneven backlight of […]

Panda 4×4: steps forward for the IBC restomod

IT WILL BE A SUPER PANDA – Very soon a new one restomod 100% Italian, it will enter the world of made-to-measure cars. The project, signed by the small Romagna atelier Inglorious Basterds Cycle, renowned for its activity of restoration of vintage cars and motorcycles, will give life to the Panda Restomod Hybrid. That is, […]

Rihanna breaks the networks with a tummy and an incredible maternity look

There is no news that makes us more excited than seeing the new generations of mini ‘celebrities’ with their parents and understanding the similarity between them. We already freaked out with the one that Cruz, Romeo and David Beckham have in a video that was published by the second of the children of the couple […]

Call of Duty para GeForce NOW

Microsoft is doing its homework in the face of antitrust agencies, and the latest move has been to close an agreement with NVIDIA and its platforma GeForce NOW. Specifically, this collaboration agreement comes to ensure than all the games that are released by the company, come to the company’s cloud gaming platform. In other words, […]

Australia: Grass fire near Melbourne – experts fear bush fires this year

Grass fire blazes north of Melbourne – experts fear severe bushfires again this year Show caption Show caption The fire near the Australian metropolis of Melbourne. © What: PR IMAGE A grass fire is raging across an area of ​​more than 700 hectares near the Australian metropolis of Melbourne. Experts fear that the country will […]

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We will destroy you today • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented girls surprising their ex-lover at his wedding in China. In the video, 12 girls are shown outside the wedding venue with a large red banner that reads: “We are Qin Song’s ex-lovers, and today we will destroy you.” Attendees were stunned during a wedding in Hengdi village in China’s […]

DXY hovers at six-week high after Fed minutes release | Anue tycoon – Forex

After digesting the message from the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting minutes,dollar indexIt rose on Wednesday (22nd), hovering near a six-week high. ICE, which tracks the dollar against six major currencies, in late U.S. trade dollar index (DXY) rose 0.40% to 104.59, not far from a more than five-week high touched last week. A string of […]

Twist mechanism to outsmart the beast Wild Hearts demo – PCM

“Wild Hearts” made people feel similar to the “Monster Hunter” series at the beginning of its release, but it has a different sense of refreshment and fun in actual play, and the character development system is also very different. Moreover, the strong Japanese setting style and “beast” appearance are right for the tastes of many […]