Author Saskia De Coster locks herself up in KMSKA for a month

Writer Saskia De Coster will be locked up for a month in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA). Visitors can then see how she finishes her novel. From 1 to 28 February, De Coster will stay in a small room behind a transparent wall in the Heldenzaal of the museum. She will be […]

Android phone with the brightest screen, Xiaomi 13 breaks a record – The Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi is known to have done well in the global mobile market. Recently, the Company made a big statement in the flagship mobile market with the Xiaomi 12S series BETWEEN. The Xiaomi 13 series also continues the same trend and is doing quite well. In postingRecently on China’s local […]

Inflation in Venezuela fell to 234 percent. There was optimism, but only for a moment

Rodriguez announced the 2022 inflation rate during a meeting with Turkish and Venezuelan business leaders. Central Bank of Venezuela it rarely publishes economic data, and has not released inflation figures since October. It is known that in 2021 inflation in the country exceeded 686 percent. Inflation in Venezuela fell to 234 percent. The Reuters agency […]

A house was consumed during a fire in Naranjito, in Guayas

A fire consumed a house in the Naranjito canton, in the province of Guayas. The flames alarmed the population. Photo: Courtesy Ecu 911 Zone 5 Las high flames and the abundant smoke alarmed the neighbors. A wooden house ended up consumed by flames on the night of this Saturday, January 21, 2023. The alert of […]

Basel: Axa Investment Foundation can renovate the main post office

The building permit for the renovation of the main post office in Basel has been granted. The owner Axa Investment Foundation wants to put the historic building to a new use. editorial staff – 23 January 2023 The Basel main post office is being renovated (Source: Herzog & de Meuron) Nothing stands in the way […]

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Filming Completed

The news that brought us last from Star Wars – Skeleton Crew achieved weren’t quite as exciting. Filming hiccups, crew dropping out because the shoot turned out to be a disaster. Nevertheless, it seems that the goal has now been reached. According to stunt coordinator George Cottle, who is referring to Instagram said the filming […]

Schedule and where to watch the Matchday 7 match

The Premier League follow its course and this monday january 23 will measure their strength in the estadio Craven Cottage Fulham y Tottenham Hotspur in match corresponding to Day 21 of the championship Fulham come into the game having previously faced Newcastle and Leicester while Tottenham Hotspur played their last Premier League games against Arsenal […]

Forty-nine people donating blood

The French Blood Establishment was present on Thursday, January 19, at the village hall, for a blood drive which welcomed forty-nine people, including 18-year-old Lisa, a novice. Despite the uncertain weather, blood donors have therefore been faithful to the appointment. Doctor Alain Saquard conducted the pre-donation interviews. Lisa, 18, a student of the Inspe (National […]

part of its strategy is to bet more on India

Currently, between 5 and 7% of Apple devices are manufactured in India, but the Asian country is confident that the Cupertino giant will increase its production until it reaches 25%. This move would respond to one of the iPhone maker’s efforts to reduce its heavy dependence on China, a country it has relied on, through […]