Prigozhin revealed where the fighters of PMC “Wagner” are buried.

Many of the fallen fighters of the private military company “Wagner” they were buried in a cemetery in the Krasnodar Territory. Evgeny Prigozhin, founder of PMC, told RIA Novosti. “Here we bury fighters who have indicated in their will that they want to be buried here,” Prigozhin explains, adding that there are also graves of […]

Lower cholesterol, if you take this you can do it right away

How to lower cholesterol? With an unexpected and extremely powerful ally. The confirmation comes from medical and scientific fields. Lower cholesterola necessity that those affected by this pathology must necessarily apply as soon as possible in order not to run into much more serious consequences for their health. The word Cholesterol in English (Photo Wikipedia […]

Ronaldo in Arabia. Tomorrow the presentation with Al Nassr, Garcia’s gaffe

The Portuguese arrived in Riyadh in the evening with a considerable number of assistants and even a private security service in tow. Bad joke to the coach: “I asked Messi earlier…” Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Riyadh in the evening, on the eve of his presentation to the fans of the Saudi club Al Nassr with […]

Photo: LNB benefit concert “The Coming of Light”

On December 28, the annual benefit concert “The Coming of Light” of the Pēteras Vaska Foundation took place in the Saulcerīte Hall of the Choir of the Latvian National Library (LNB), which the public was able to attend for donations. The content will continue after the announcement Advertising At the concert, Latvian musical talents delighted […]

Luminar AI Free Download. Better hurry

The application has an AI assistant, various templates (something like presets) or “smart” panels that allow you to quickly edit photos. We don’t have to mark, indicate, cut out anything. The AI ​​assistant can recognize elements of the photo itself, and then suggest what can be done with them, in a nutshell. Either way, it’s […]

Paris: this arrondissement is the least populated in the entire capital

Par Thomas Martin Published on 1 January 23 at 17:37 News Paris See my news Follow this media The 1st arrondissement of Paris has just over 16,000 inhabitants (©AdobeStock) The figures of the last census from INSEE have decreased, highlighting the continued decline in the population of Paris, which is now located at 2 162 […]

10 celebrities who inspired us in 2022

These familiar faces have brought wisdom, hope, joy and faith in a difficult year for many. We often hear celebrity stories in the press that aren’t exactly inspiring. However, beyond the lights of Hollywood, there are men and women who inspire with their faith and actions. Here are just a few of the men and […]

Tyler Dorsey will be waiting for a second chance in the NBA

By Aris Barkas/[email protected] According to sources at Eurohoops, Tyler Dorsey won’t take any decisions about his future lightly and is waiting for the 10-day NBA contract market, which opens on Jan. 5, to plan out the rest of his season. So far, three EuroLeague teams have shown a lot of interest in Tyler Dorsey after […]