2023 International Year of Small Grains | 04Mar2021

United Nations: India’s resolution to declare 2023 as the International Year of Small Grains The General Assembly approved. India has put forward the proposal with the support of 70 countries. The aim is to create awareness about the nutritional value of small grains and the optimal time to cultivate them in changing climates.

The resolution was co-sponsored by Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia and Senegal. Countries including Russia have lauded India for taking the initiative.

Small grains include maize, ragi, flaxseed, chama and millet. In many countries these are declining. Therefore, the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, T.S. Thirumurthy said. In addition, their productivity, research and development-investment needs to be improved. He said that this would ensure food security and nutrition in different countries and help farmers find a livelihood.


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